Closet Organizers

Closet organizers are fully built in shelving systems. Each one servers its own purpose.

Spear closet:

An architectural term for a small, oddly curved, "left over" space, that could have some closet design potential.

Walk-in closet

This is your Dream Closet prime area of your house. A walk in closet large enough to walk inside to store you apparel and large enough for easy maneuverability.

Wall closet:

Design to be a very shallow closet closed off from a room by a curtain or folding doors, with only enough depth to hang clothes or store them folded on shelves.

Custom Dream Closets Design

For someone who loves to enter dream closets, I sure due spend a lot of time inside these apparel heavens. My believe is that your clothes reveal a lot about who you are as a person. Just having the pristine light structure alone, and the simplicity but elegant organization, just brings joy to my everyday life.

I have been told that you have to design a closet to the persons personality. Otherwise it would not fit that person personality and would not be considered a dream closet at all. So how do we design and build your dream closets?Its the planning that is key to your closets layout, figuring out which sections of the fabulous closet space you have will be dedicated to particular clothing items.

Creating custom features for your closet for easy accessibility. Custom mirrors also play a significant roll into building your dream closets since you want to see your close fit real nice.

Types of Dream Closets we Design

  • The Dream Walk In Closet is the classic luxurious type of custom closet design and by far favorite amongst the majority of home decorators.
  • The Reach In Closet comes in second where there is limited space and are more common in single family homes of average size.
  • These Reach in closets need to use the space efficiently and practically within small spaces.
  • Then the wardrobe is designed if free space areas where no separate enclosed closet space assist. Its takes a little imagination and re-imagining your area but can provide a nice flow into the bedroom.
  • Kids Closets are always fun. Places for toys and books and special hiding spots are created within these kids closets for maximum joyful storage.
  • Dressing rooms are great for a more refined separation of closet space and larger amount of wear apparel.
  • And then the classic sliding doors. It is no easier to hide your pristine closet than with a nice sliding door decorated either with art, mirror, stained glass or whatever else our imagination can come up with.