Closet Organizers

Closet organizers are fully built in shelving systems. Each one servers its own purpose.

Spear closet:

An architectural term for a small, oddly curved, "left over" space, that could have some closet design potential.

Walk-in closet

This is your Dream Closet prime area of your house. A walk in closet large enough to walk inside to store you apparel and large enough for easy maneuverability.

Wall closet:

Design to be a very shallow closet closed off from a room by a curtain or folding doors, with only enough depth to hang clothes or store them folded on shelves.

Types of Dream Closets we Design

  • The Dream Walk In Closet is the classic luxurious type of custom closet design and by far favorite amongst the majority of home decorators.
  • The Reach In Closet comes in second where there is limited space and are more common in single family homes of average size.
  • These Reach in closets need to use the space efficiently and practically within small spaces.
  • Then the wardrobe is designed if free space areas where no separate enclosed closet space assist. Its takes a little imagination and re-imagining your area but can provide a nice flow into the bedroom.
  • Kids Closets are always fun. Places for toys and books and special hiding spots are created within these kids closets for maximum joyful storage.
  • Dressing rooms are great for a more refined separation of closet space and larger amount of wear apparel.
  • And then the classic sliding doors. It is no easier to hide your pristine closet than with a nice sliding door decorated either with art, mirror, stained glass or whatever else our imagination can come up with.